5 Body Care Products You Must Get This Winter

It’s the time of the year to take your long-resting woolens out. But keeping your body warm is not enough to make your winters easy and smooth. Apart from swapping your wardrobe essentials, your skin-care essentials need to be upgraded as per the season too!

Just as the body needs warmth in colder weather, it needs special care for your skin and hair. In winters, skin is unable to breathe due to heavy layering of clothes. Moreover, the low humidity in the environment takes away your skin’s moisture rapidly and also makes your hair unmanageable.

At Nat Habit, we are very ingredient-specific. All our products are deeply infused with natural ingredients. These ingredients are carefully chosen as per skin concern and age while keeping the climate in consideration.  

The only way out is to take good care of your skin and hair. We have a small list of what all you absolutely need for a shiny-supple skin and healthy hair these winters.

Our List of 5 Must-Have Winter Care Essentials: The Perfect Formula to a Cozy and Snuggly Winter Season

1. Moisturizer for face

The best face moisturizer for winters is the one that deeply nourishes and maintains hydration without the sticky feel of applying a cream or lotion. It should be moisturizing without putting its own weight on the skin. While it is important to know what goes into your face moisturizer, it is equally (if not more) imperative to ensure what doesn’t go into it. The face moisturizer or face cream that seeps into your skin should be completely chemical and alcohol free.

Nat Habit’s Fresh Whipped Face Malai is all that and so much more. We call it the best moisturizer for face because it is packed with the moisturizing properties of fresh raw milk and washed desi ghee (dhaut ghrit).

And there’s more to our range of best face moisturizer:

  • Infused with natural ingredients and multiple herbs to take special care of skin based on its age.
  • Caters to different needs of the skin like pigmentation, dryness and peeling, acne-prone, etc.
  • Made fresh everyday through a 4-step ayurvedic preparation process.
  • Face Malai for Cold Winters includes ingredients which provide required fatty acids and nourishment to prevent drying and ageing caused due to dryness.

2. Ayurvedic hair oil –

In winters, our hair pretty much loses its control. They get dry, fizzy, and even fall off more in this particular season. The growth of hair is also stunted to an extent. The reason could be exposure to dry and cold wind, friction caused by woolens, and poor hair-care during winters.

      All these changes require you to change your hair-care routine as well. Hair oils and other products with parabens further worsen the condition and can lead to multiple problems eventually. Proper oiling and maintenance of hair can reduce all winter-related hair issues to a significant extent.

     Winter Dasabuti Hair Oil- Nat Habit’s range of ayurvedic hair oil is specially prepared for use in cold climates. It is made with power ingredients like freshly picked hibiscus leaves and flowers, amla, shikakai, bhringraj, fenugreek, vetiver, etc. Each of the oils is enriched with at least 15-20 of these herbs slow heat infused in warm oils.

    Apart from hair-care, the range of dasabuti hair oil is the best hair oil for its healing properties. It is great for climate related concerns like sinus, cold, and headache caused due to cold temperatures.

    Do you want quick deep nourishment of hair during winters? Our range of Fresh Hair Nutri-mask is the best hair conditioner for you then!

    • Enriched with herbs and butters through ayurvedic preparation methods.
    • Rich in Omega3 and B12; power nutrients for healthy hair.
    • Works wonders for specific hair issues like hairfall, dandruff, premature graying, etc.
    • Easy to apply. Just apply it from roots to ends and wash after 30-60 minutes.

    3. Deep moisturizer for body –

    Body skin is different from the face in many ways so the products need to differ as well. Body skin is a bit thicker so you need a heavier moisturizer in texture so that it is applied well throughout the skin and moisturizes for a longer period of time. The ingredients that go into your moisturizer should be naturally moisturizing.

      Our Fresh Whipped Skin Malai fits the bill and how!

      • Majorly made out of fresh milk and pure butters.
      • All oils used are cold-pressed oils ( 100% mineral oil free )
      • Works for 24-48 hours.
      • There are different variants so there’s something for all types of skin. You can find best moisturizer for dry skin, best moisturizer for oily skin and even for skin with body acne, tan, blemishes, keratosis pilaris, etc.

      Did you know: Glycerin or glycerin-based skin care products are used blindly during winters as it is believed to be hydrating. But the truth is quite contrary. Long term use of glycerin weakens collagen fibres in your skin layers and eventually leads your skin to sag and age early.

      4. Natural Lip Balm –

      The effect of the temperatures dipping down starts showing pretty quick on lips, isn’t it so? Lips tend to get dehydrated, scratchy, and lifeless as the moisture in the air starts depleting. It makes a handy and natural lip balm a must during winters.

      Most lip balms work for a short period of time and leave the lips dryer so you keep applying it repeatedly without really moisturizing your lips through the layers. Nat Habit’s Fresh Infused Lip Butter is made with real butters and infused with super-hydrating ingredients like desi ghee and raw honey which reinforces the skin barrier and hydrates them for a long period of time.

      A little extra care never hurts. Lip scrubs also help greatly in maintaining healthy lips throughout the year. Especially during winters when lips get dry and dull, they need more than just lip balm. Nat Habit’s Fresh Crushed Lip Mura is a great lip scrub to try these winters. They are brilliantly exfoliating and help prevent aging of lip cells. It also helps in getting natural pink and fuller lips.

      Don’t you agree that many a times you end up eating your lip balm unconsciously? We totally do! That means whatever goes into your lip balm ends up into your internal system. Our lip butter and lip mura (lip scrub) is completely chemical free and an absolutely natural way to prevent chapping, pigmentation, darkening, and discoloration of lips.

      5. Winter Hand Moisturizer–

      While our body is covered pretty much all the time and face taken care of, it’s our hands that are most exposed and still uncared of. To add, there is regular washing of hands several times in a day and use of sanitizers with high alcohol content. Keeping all this in consideration, hands tend to become dry.

      The concerns of hand skin are different and therefore it needs different care. Fresh Whipped Hand Malai is made keeping the same thoughts in mind. The range is designed to help with:

      • Tan & Pigmentation control
      • Aging & Wrinkle Control
      • Intense Dry Repair
      • Skin Clarity & Brightening

      In winters, the protective barrier of nail cuticles is compromised. Exposure to water, irritants, detergent etc. adds to the problem and cause serious damage of nail cuticles making your nails brittle and painful.

      Try our Chia Banana Biotin Hand malai which helps strengthen your nail cuticles which makes it a complete care package for your hands these winters.

      Seasons are natural and in nature exists the cure and care for everything that relates to seasonal changes. As a company, we are firm believers of this and hence our range of Ayurveda inspired Winter Care Essentials aims to help your skin fine-tune with the weather without being a cause of concern throughout.

      Check out our complete winter skin & hair-care range here!

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