How a Good Moisturizer Can Get You the Perfect Skin

Every inch of our body needs care as per its own requirement. Be it our eyes, nose, hair, or nails - it takes conscious effort to ensure they remain healthy. So let’s talk about skin and its appropriate care. Skin care products are often marketed as beauty products, but we believe skin is much more than just beauty. It covers our entire body, has vital functions to perform as a significant organ of the body and hence needs extra care.

The key to proper skin maintenance lies in consistently using a good body moisturizer, a body lotion, body butter, or our completely natural body malai (Yes, it’s not a regular cream!) to retain its moisture. Even though it sounds like a simple everyday job, there is actually a lot of science that goes behind skincare and finding the best face moisturizer that works for every skin type. 

Skin care goes deeper than the skin.

Our skin is divided into three primary layers, namely:

  1. Epidermis- The outermost layer, which is the principal site of interaction with the outside environment. (It is more important than it sounds as it can be divided into 7 more layers in itself.)
  2. Dermis- The middle layer is made up of the fibrillar structural protein known as collagen. The flexibility and strength of your skin lie here. 
  3. Subcutaneous Tissue- It is the deepest layer of the skin which performs internal functions like producing hormones, regulating body temperature, storing fat, etc. 

The epidermis being the topmost layer, acts as the physiological barrier and is responsible for maintaining proper water balance. This water balance is critical to the functioning of the skin. So, you mostly need to take care of the epidermis, which also keeps the inner layers healthy.

Body butter and other body care products help maintain this water balance, but you must remember that skin is a porous organ. Whatever you put into your skin seeps inside, slowly but surely. The oils, butter, and ingredients that are used in the making of your moisturizer also go into your skin, and they show up not only on the surface of your skin but internally as well.

This heightens the importance of a natural moisturizer for your skin. Let’s just say we understand this need, and that’s where our Fresh Whipped Skin Malai makes its special appearance. Unlike other products claiming to be the best moisturizers available readily, it is not only a malai by name but is actually made up of fresh milk and other powerful ingredients. 

Why is a moisturizer necessary?

Skin moisturizers are not just a medicine for dry skin. They are an essential product for all types of skin. The primary job of a moisturizer, be it body butter, body lotion, or body cream, is to improve the function and appearance of the skin. In some people with skin disorders and medical conditions like body acne, keratosis pelaris, stubborn blemishes, etc., moisturizers are an important part of their treatment. The best body moisturizer for one might not be the same for another, but there is one that works for everyone. You just need to know your skin better to make a calculated choice of body care products. 

Did you know? Body lotions are high in water content which fails to lock the moisture; our body malai, on the other hand, is super thick with real butters making them great skin moisturizers.

While it is important to make moisturizers a part of your daily body care routine, it is absolutely not necessary to give in to chemicals. There are a lot of oils and butters naturally occurring in the environment, which do the job just right. Moreover, there are ingredients that enhance the performance of these oils, making it the best moisturizer for dry skin

At Nat Habit, our body butter (skin malai) is derived completely from nature. The formulation heavily relies on butter churned from fresh milk at our ayurvedic kitchens. It is glycerine free (read further to know why) with minimal water use. What else? It’s freshly prepared for you every day. 

Choose your Body Butter – as per Skin Concern

The first factor that needs to be considered before buying any product is to define its purpose. What do you want your body butter to do? It comes down to your skin type and its concerns. Natural skin care products are made up of various oils and ingredients. So, when selecting your body butter or body malai, check out the ingredients and how they can help deal with your skin concern. 

  • Base content - Oils and butters form the base of any body-care product in cream consistency. The best body moisturizer for you is the one with totally natural products, including the carrier oil/cream. Most products in the market contain milk, but the base content is actually mineral oil. Milk is just one of the ingredients, and not necessarily in fresh form. 
  • We chose to make it in a non-sticky malai form because, essentially, Face Malai churned out of fresh milk is a great source of lactic acid, which is a great moisturizer. So, when you choose body butter with its base as malai, it does half the job. For other skin concerns, you can look out for the ingredients infused with it to find the best moisturizer for oily skin.

  • Dry Skin - The primary job of body butter is to hydrate your skin and lock-in the moisture. But if your skin is drier than normal, you must choose a specialized moisturizer.  Cocoa and nut butter are two of the best ingredients to look for in your body moisturizer if you have excessively dry skin.
  • If you have been suffering from dry skin for a long time, we recommend trying our Double Cocoa Intense DermaCare Skin Malai for intense glow & nourishment. 


  • Dull Skin – Everyday toil and pollution not only dries your skin but also takes away its sheen and glow. To get it back without extra work, you can use body butters infused with natural ingredients that help brighten your skin. Red figs, roses, almonds, lemon, sandalwood, turmeric, etc, are some ingredients that help in getting a glowing skin.
  • No points for guessing, but we have you covered here as well. Our Fig Rose PrimaLight Skin Malai is packed with everything you need for glowing skin every day. 

  • Texture - The thickness of your epidermis varies throughout the body. It is the thinnest on your face and thickest on your palms, soles, back, and other body parts. So, if you are looking for a body butter that aims at moisturizing your body, you need to go for a thicker consistency so that it goes deep into your skin and locks in the moisture for at least 24-48 hours, as it is pretty inconvenient to apply body butter repeatedly throughout the day. 
  • What’s a total no-no? 

    Chemicals - We are strong advocates of natural skin care products, so it goes on the top of our list that anything that seeps into the body should not contain any chemicals. If you browse through the market, it is full of luxurious body butters, which also work pretty well on the skin. But turn around and check the label! It may be the best moisturizer for face, but if it has chemicals, it can cause serious issues not only with your skin but also your internal body.

    {Did you know? Recent tests and studies have found cancer-growing ingredients in some of the body care products from companies dominating the world market.} 

    Natural products do not have a shelf life of years, but they not only give you brilliant results, they also come without side effects until and unless you have an existing allergy to any of the natural ingredients used. Our skin malai is completely natural, with raw milk as its primary content. It has a shelf life of 3 months as it contains cosphaghard, a naturally derived preservative, and is certified by Ecocert. Moreover, the ingredient list is completely transparent, with no hidden names or chemicals. 

    Water/Aqua- We wouldn’t call it a total no-no, as water needs to be added in minimal amounts when preparing natural concoctions, but if you are looking at something where the main constituent is water, it’s not really a moisturizer. Water tends to dry your skin further, hence the need to moisturize it more frequently.  

    Glycerine- Yes, the common understanding is that glycerine is good for your skin. But did you know it is actually a simple trihydric alcohol? It tends to absorb moisture and draws water from the nearest source. In case of your skin, it is from the lower layers of your skin. The result is further dried-up skin. It also weakens the collagen fibers present in the dermis, and your skin loses its flexibility and strength upon regular and frequent application. 


    So, what does a good body skincare routine look like? It’s not that difficult to take care of your body's skin. You just need to be consistent in application and conscious of the body butter or moisturizer you choose. With all that we just discussed, good body butter should be made up of natural ingredients and should be able to retain moisture on your skin for around 24-48 hrs. And do you know where to find it?  Well, right here! Check out our entire range of Fresh Whipped Skin Malai. 

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