Malai - The Magic Ingredient for Hydration

What is Malai?

Malai or milk cream is the thick layer that forms over boiled (and then cooled) milk. Just like milk, the benefits of malai are many. Pure malai has numerous nutritional benefits as a food as well as a natural skin-care ingredient.
It is a rich source of protein, fat, carbohydrates, calcium, and phosphorus. Malai also contains phosphorus, vitamin A, vitamin D, riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), pantothenic acid (B5) and cobalamin (B12), and other minerals which are great for skin. It is in fact known to be the best moisturizer for dry skin since ages and now the same is backed by science too.

Why Malai is good for skin?

Out of its many benefits, here’re few that centers on skin care:

  • Helps in tightening skin pores
  • Aids in skin brightening and hence great for tan removal
  • The protein in malai helps replenish dead skin cells helping the skin appear younger
  • The lactic acid in malai helps in mild exfoliation
  • Soothes irritation in acne prone skin
  • It’s a great skin hydrator and hence best moisturizer for dry skin

Some say it’s not good for oily skin but ask us and we will say it is the best moisturizer for oily skin too.

How can we include Malai in our Skin Care Regime?

Fresh Malai is great on its own. You can apply it directly on your skin to reap its benefits. However, it needs to be applied consistently and sourcing fresh malai everyday (or multiple times a day) can be a hassle.

  • You need to boil non-homogenized full cream milk and cool it down to get the thick malai. It would be an added task for you if you do not use non-homogenized milk regularly
  • It can only be applied for a while as a mask (can get messy otherwise).
  • It might not be the best moisturizer for oily skin as it is greasy in its natural form
  • Can lead to pimples if not treated with other anti-acne ingredients (for some skin types)

So, what’s the alternative? A better malai.
At Nat Habit, we have taken from the ancient secrets of ayurveda which amalgamates compatible ingredients to get the best out of nature. Malai is a great hydrator and we have made it better by adding herbs and kitchen ingredients to tackle skin concerns such as very dry skin, body acne, dull skin, etc. Our entire range of malai goes through multiple-step ayurvedic processes to get the final product that reaches you.
Different skin or even skin of different body parts have special requirements and need to be dealt with accordingly.

Our range of Fresh Malai is based precisely on that thought. Heavily loaded with malai churned from fresh milk, natural butters, and other naturally occuring ingredients, each of our products under the range are formulated to take care of specific skin and skin concerns. 

Malai as a body moisturiser

Body moisturisers need to be thick enough to seep into the skin and moisturize it for a longer period of time. We tend to think a lot about our skin type when we are choosing products for our face but when it comes to body, we just broadly categorize it to moisturiser for dry skin or moisturiser for normal skin.
Body skin also needs to be accessed as per skin type and external factors including weather, sun exposure, skin damage, etc. Depending on these factors you can choose ingredients that work best for you. 
Our Fresh Whipped Skin Malai is formulated along the same lines. We have infused each of our products with power ingredients that helps keep your skin hydrated and simultaneously deal with other commonly faced body skin issues.

Multi-nut infused Skin Malai

The presence of nut butters like almonds and walnuts makes this malai rich in Omega-3. The Omega-3 content improves hydration and reduces skin breakouts. It is also packed with ingredients like shea butter, sesame, cloves, sunflower seeds, and of course our super ingredient, the freshly churned malai. This is any day the best moisturiser for acne-prone skin.

Sunflower infused Skin Malai

Sunflower is great for skin as it is rich in Vitamin-E and anti-oxidants which help your skin look young and fresh. It also has ingredients like wild turmeric and shea butter which are known since long to be great ingredients for skin care. All ingredients have mild properties and hence work well for all skin types.

Fig and Rose Skin Malai

Daily exposure to sun and pollution takes away the shine and glow of skin. Ingredients like fig, rose, grapeseed, lemon, sunflower seeds, and more are infused into fresh made malai to give you the best brightening and hydrating body butter.

Double Cocoa Skin Malai

Double cocoa skin malai is not just cocoa and malai by name. It has both ground cocoa and pure cocoa butter which makes it the best moisturizer for dry skin. Other than the power ingredient cocoa, it also has olive cream, pineapple, orange, beeswax, vanilla, patchouli, lotus, and more which adds to its moisturising properties.

Malai for Face

There’s a huge difference between natural malai and ordinary skin creams which contain milk or malai as one of the ingredients. Malai is the best moisturizer for face but most of the readily available formulations contain milk solids preserved in glycerin or mineral oil preparations.

At Nat Habit, when we say malai, it is malai. Our Fresh Whipped Face Malai is made from fresh milk and dhaut ghrit (washed desi ghee). 
We stick to what we said earlier. Just malai is not enough to meet the requirements of your skin, especially when it comes to your face. Face skin changes rapidly with age and hence the best face moisturizer is the one that caters to these shifting nutritional requirements of the skin.
A combination of ingredients is used in our Fresh Whipped Face Malai to deal with age specific requirements of the face skin. The malai goes through an ayurveda inspired 4-step preparation process so as to activate all ingredients to their best capacity.                                          

Best Face Moisturizer for 13-19yrs

Teenage skin goes through many sudden changes so it is important to choose skin care accordingly.  Our all day malai for teenagers is rich in ingredients like tulsi, aloe vera pulp, green tea, sesame oil, pineapple, and other protective and healing herbs which help in:

  • Maintaining pH balance
  • Acne control
  • Oil control
  • Protection from UV damage
  • Tan protection
  • Long lasting collagen buildup

Depending on the climate, the power ingredient varies between blackseed (cold winter), pomegranate (hot dry weather), and green apple (hot humid weather).

Face Moisturizer for 20-35 years

As the skin ages and comes out of the teenage phase, it is introduced with new set of lifestyle induced issues. Some of the common problems in this age bracket include:

  • Pigmentation
  • Blemish and tan
  • Dull skin
  • Early wrinkles due to weak collagen
  • Skin losing its youth

The wonder ingredient for this age group is tomato as it is loaded with Vitamins and lycopene which not only helps brighten dull skin but reduces oil, prevents acne, acts as a natural sun protector, and more. Along with tomato, it has a profusion of other ingredients which helps deal with the specific issues and makes it the best face moisturiser for this age group.

Face moisturizer for 35+

After 35, face skin goes through various issues including:

  • Aging
  • Dryness & damage
  • Blemishes
  • Skin loosening
  • Cellular degradation

Our all day face malai deals with these issues with the power of Ayurveda. The main ingredient that goes into the face malai varies as flax walnut, flax bakuchi, and flax carrot depending on the climate. The malai is also infused with ingredients like silymarine, olive oil, shea stearic fat, vetiver, ginger, neem, vitamin A, etc.
We understand that every skin has its own requirement and everything can’t be put in age brackets.
A range of our All Day Face Malai is formulated specifically to deal with common skin issues irrespective of age.

Malai for Special Needs

Turmeric Nutmeg Melanoactives for Pigmentation – Turmeric and Melanoactives work together to clear pigmentation, tan, & blemishes. The malai is also rich in anti-oxidants which slow down pigmentation caused by aging.

Cocoa Mogra Vit E,K Regen for Deep Night Restore – The ingredients whipped with malai work great for night restore of damaged skin. The main job of the overnight malai is deep tissue repair and restore. Consistent usage is guaranteed to give you radiant and glowing skin.

Honey Multi-nut Fructo Omega+ for Dry & Peeling Skin – The fatty acids present in nut butters, cold-pressed oils, and washed desi ghee is the perfect formula to moisturised skin. It is indeed the best moisturizer for face if you have excessively dry skin which peels.

Clove Tea-Tree Terpene+ for Acne Control – The active ingredients here are clove and tea-tree which produces terpene. It aids in active acne control and maintaining the pH balance of the skin.

Along with the active ingredients, each of the special needs malai is infused with more than 30+ herbs and other naturally occurring ingredients which toil together to get you the best moisturizer for face.

Malai for hands

Let’s straight dive into why your hands need to be moisturised (especially):

  • Hands age and wrinkle faster than your body skin.
  • They are greatly exposed to dirt and pollution.
  • They come in contact with water frequently hence lose moisture rapidly.
  • Nails are brittle and hence need strengthening.
  • Nail cuticles get weak really quick.
  • Hands are prone to bacterial and fungal infections.

Keeping in mind the concerns, we chose power ingredients which can deal with the concerns absolutely naturally. Our fresh hand malai is made up of lemon, moringa, sunflower oil, beeswax, cinnamon, pumpkin, walnut, and other herbs and oils. We also have a brand new range of 5 new variants, each tackling a different skin problem. Check out the range here.

Malai is undoubtedly the magic ingredient for Hydration and if you still haven’t tried it, take this as a sign! Here’s the link to your new natural habit you are going to thank yourself for.

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