Why you must include Hair Masks in your Hair Care Regime

What is a Hair Mask?

A hair mask is usually a thick cosmetic formulation specifically for the hair and scalp. It is meant to nourish deeply and deal with other hair-related issues. The popularity of hair masks in the present-day market is relatively new, but the use of hair masks as natural hair conditioners has not been a new concept and has been practiced for ages.
Our hair is highly affected by our lifestyle. And in the contemporary scenario, it has to go through everything, be it UV rays of the sun, stress, chemical treatments for styling and care, or simply not caring for it. So, to protect it from all, we must have a proper hair-care routine, including a deep nourishment step with a good hair mask.

Importance of hair masks in our hair-care routine

There's no one cheat sheet for hair care that works for all, but the typical steps in your hair-care routine should look like this:

1. Deep nourishing hair mask – When consistent oiling takes a back seat because of a busy schedule or when hair is already damaged (which needs more than just oil), a deep nourishing hair mask does the job. A hair mask is meant to:

  • Repair hair and bring back its shine
  • Deeply moisturize hair and scalp
  • Help manage frizz
  • Promote stronger hair
  • Get a healthier scalp

While most hair masks available in the market are after-wash, our Fresh Hair NutriMask is a pre-wash mask and that's how it works wonders as a conditioner for dry hair. Being a pre-wash hair mask, it has numerous benefits over others as:

  • It gets deeper into the scalp
  • You can decide how long you want to keep it
  • It's a hair mask, but since it is made from cold-pressed oils and butters, there is no need to oil hair separately
  • You can apply it on wet hair too

2. Cleansing – Next is cleansing. It is essential to wash off your hair correctly not only to get rid of all the dirt but also to wash off your hair mask. A hair mask rich in oils and butters need a thorough wash with a good cleanser/shampoo. If the scalp is not cleaned properly, it can lead to the build-up of sweat, dirt, and excess oil, resulting in the blocking of follicles.

3. Follicle simulation through scalp massage – Most of us tend to miss this crucial step in hair care which can go a long way in maintaining healthy hair. A simple and mild scalp massage after hair wash (while hair is still wet) helps significantly in follicle simulation.

4. Nutrition to hair strands (Post wash balm/ Hair mist) – Hair washing isn't the last step in your hair-care regime. The final and crucial step is applying a protective layer to your hair.
Nat Habit's Green Infused Post-Wash Hair Balm is the perfect post-wash balm for your hair. The best thing? Like all our other hair products, it is 100% natural and deep-soaked with powerful ingredients. Our post-wash balm is available in three variants:

  • For dry hair ends, it also caters to hair with split-ends
  • For full hair coverage
  • For beard and hair growth

Use of natural hair masks

It won't be wrong to say that the origin of hair masks was utterly natural. They were made from natural oils, vegetable elements, kitchen ingredients, herbs, etc. Later, such hair treatments became mass-produced products containing chemicals and preservatives. Now is the time to go back to its natural roots.

All Hair Masks at Nat Habit are not only 100% natural but made fresh daily with overnight slow heat infusion.

Hair masks can be prepared at home with pure oils, nut butters, and kitchen ingredients. Some powerful ingredients for hair are methi, curry leaves, hibiscus, kalonji, neem, etc. It can be infused with oils and other herbs to prepare a hair mask, depending on your hair needs.
We know that it is challenging to delve into preparing a natural mask every other day or week. There's a lot on our plates already. So, to make it easier for everyone to take care of their hair, we have an entire range of naturally made hair masks.
Be it a hair mask for dry hair, a hair mask for grey hair, or a hair mask for hair growth, all kinds of hair issues are catered to, with our range of Fresh Hair NutriMask.

How often should we use a hair mask

You do not need a salon session every other day to have a head full of healthy hair. Our all-natural NutriMask is freshly made, and since the ingredients are super safe, you can apply it multiple times a week.
Ideally, a hair mask should be used at least twice a week to get the best results. If you are explicitly using a hair mask for dry hair, you can increase the frequency of application.

Benefits of using a hair mask

Most hair masks available in the market are post-wash hair masks which aim to work as hair conditioners. But our range of Fresh Hair NutriMask is made as a pre-wash hair mask to do the job of oil (nutrition) as well as a natural conditioner (hair health) while offering more:

  • Deeper nourishment – Ingredients like oils, butters, fresh leaves and flowers, amla, shikakai, bhringraj, etc. make sure the nutrition reaches deep into your follicles and makes your hair healthier and stronger.
  • Boosts hair growth – Constant exposure to pollutants and physical stress can make hair growth difficult. It also affects the overall quality of hair. Dedicated hair masks can help you deal with this. Our hair mask for hair growth is enriched with hibiscus flowers, hibiscus leaves, neem, curry, leaves, and 15+ other herbs promoting hair growth and thickening.
  • Adds shine to hair – Hair mask for dry hair or generally for any hair helps add shine to the hair. The oils and other ingredients in the mask provide vital nutrients to the scalp and hair, resulting in healthier hair strands that shines.
  • Reduces hair fall – If you suffer from excessive hair fall and your usual oil and wash regime isn't working, a hair mask can help you immensely. As conferred, ingredients matter a lot in a hair mask. Our Crushed Tri-leaf NutriMask is a specially curated hair mask for hair fall. It has fresh hibiscus, neem, curry leaves, and more herbs infused with oils like mustard, coconut, sesame, and more. It is meant for severe hair fall control; once your hair fall reduces, you can use our hair mask for hair growth (Five Oil Hibiscus NutriMask) to get your head full of hair back!

How Fresh Hair NutriMask helps manage other hair issues:

Most hair masks claim to be nutritious for hair, helping you manage different hair issues. But a few hair related problems are highly prevalent among today's population, and still very few options to combat them.

  • Grey Hair Control – Generally speaking, almost every other person is worried about their hair greying. At Nat Habit, we understand the problem deeply and hence not one, but two varieties of hair masks are available to control grey hair
    Curry Sesame NutriMask
    Curry Mustard NutriMask
    With powerful ingredients like sweetneem, neem, tulsi, amla, shikakai, shea butter, rosemary, vinegar, black sesame oil, etc., it works like magic to prevent grey hair and promotes healthier black hair.
  • Hair Mask for Men – Statistically, men are more prone to early greying of hair owing to oxidative stress, nutrient deficiency, and the dominant male hormone androgens. Poor hair care is another reason for excessive hair fall and greying in men. A single oil cannot provide all the nutrients needed by the hair.
    Our Men's 8 Herbs Hair Revital NutriMask is a power mask for men, enriched with a unique blend of cold-pressed oils, rich butters, freshly-picked medicinal leaves, and 17 other ingredients. All that goes into our NutriMask is carefully selected, considering the requirements of men's hair types and their hair follicles/skin needs.

Essentially, hair masks are for providing vital nutrition to your hair and scalp. While you can choose one depending on your hair issues, a natural hair mask usually suits all hair and scalp types be it oily, dry, normal, curly, coloured, or henna-treated hair, just like our Fresh Hair NutriMask. If we didn't mention already, here are some more reasons why you should absolutely try one of them:

  • Controls frizz
  • Economical
  • Needs no prior planning
  • Repairs chemically treated hair

And, of course, 100% natural and freshly made, just like all our products.

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