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Prevent Dandruff & Scalp Infection

With anti-bacterial, oil balancing Ayurvedic herbs

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Imbalanced sebum

Too oily or too dry scalp.

Imbalanced pH

High alkalinity causes dryness, bacteria & excess sebum secretion.

Uncleaned scalp

Accumulation of sebum, dirt & dead cells can build a breeding ground for bacteria.

Product allergy

Certain chemicals or products can also irritate & sore scalp.

Bacterial or fungi overgrowth

Warm, damp environments is often a sound environment for microbial growth.

Other factors

Certain medical or skin conditions.

Quick & Easy Prevention Tips

Easy everyday tips!

Use sebum & pH balancing products.

Comb deeply with a wooden comb to prevent imbalanced sebum on scalp.

Ensure clean, non-damp scalp.

Use products with anti-microbial & anti-fungal properties.

Patch test your products before using them.

Do not wash your hair with hot water or over-wash.

Moisturise & hydrate your scalp regularly to promote healthy scalp.

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