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Kacchi Neem Comb Combo

Kacchi Neem Comb Combo

Contains 2 Combs.
1 x Dual Tooth KACCHI NEEM COMB & 1 x Fine Tooth KACCHI NEEM COMB

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NaturoHabit Private Limited GP-26, Sector 18, Gurugram, Haryana - 122015




Madhuri Pandey


What's Special

Power Combing

Young juicy kacchi neem maximizes follicular & fungal protection.

Handmade shaped bristles enhances blood flow.

Original neem wood, no static combing so no frizz & breakage.

Oil treated enhances delivery of nutrition & herb actives.

Why Use

Kacchi Neem Comb Regularly


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Prevents frizz & breakage

Neem wood restricts static caused by plastic comb & brushes.

Activates hair growth

Enhanced blood flow stimulates scalp- brings hairfall relief & activates hair growth.

Prevents hairfall & dandruff

Oil treatment & special kacchi neem deliver nutrition & anti-fungal actives preventing hairfall & dandruff.

Renders sheen

Continued neem wood combing renders beautiful shine to hair.

Fresh Making in Ayurvedic Kitchen

Kacchi Neem Comb

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It made a clear difference between a plastic one and this wooden one. It feels like a good massage whenever I comb with that....


Baladari Varshini

Key Benefits

  • Drives hair growth & thickness.

  • Halts hair loss & thinning.

  • Prevents brittleness, cuticle damage & hair breakage.

  • Treats dandruff & itchy scalp.

  • Prevents premature hair greying.

  • Induces good sleep with deep combing.

  • Relieves anxiety, fatigue & stress.

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Its really nice, my hair now not frizzy, & when I used this comb hair is really smooth & silky * have seen change of my hair fall. I just love it.


Joshi juhi

How to Use



Ensure that the teeth touch your scalp while combing. Deep combing twice is healthy. Detangle before sleep. Note that neem combs will have slightly pointy ends for best follicular activation. And it takes 5-7 uses to get accustomed to a new comb.

Suitable For

Dual Tooth Comb

For Multi-Action - DETANGLING, FRIZZ CONTROl & SHINE. Suited for all hair types.

Fine Tooth Comb

For FRIZZ CONTROl & SHINE. Suited for short hair or after detangling for long hair.

Why is this Comb Special

Nat Habit Comb

Plastic/ Other Wooden Comb

Herbal Treatment

Oil & herb treated in ayurvedic kitchen

Less or no oil/herbs treatment at all

Material Used

Original neem wood

Plastic or other wooden material

Type Of Neem

Kacchi neem wood for maximised efficiency

No kacchi neem used as it is difficult to handle & store

Hair Breakage & Frizz

ZERO hair static, frizz & breakage

Plastic combs & brushes are the biggest cause of static on hair

Maintenance Tips

  • Soak your comb in any pure herbal hair oil once a month for best results.

  • Keep away from direct heat & sunlight.

  • Neem Combs change shape with time & use. They also dry out over time.

  • It is advisable to change your neem comb every 6 months to 1 year.

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Kacchi Neem Comb Combo