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Rapid Hair Growth

With collagen boosting & hair growth cycle activating herbs

Fresh Making in Ayurvedic Kitchen

Herbaceous NutriMask

Growth Stimulating Ingredients

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Taking Care of Hair Growth Cycle


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Specific nutrition picks. Do NOT lose on these.

Ensure loads of vitamin B7 (Biotin), Zinc, Vitamin-C & Omega-3 for active collagen & keratin production with supported follicle health.

Active, direct nutrition boost. Topical nutrition is a must.

Hair follicles are often the last to receive nutrition via blood hence, ensure enough nutrition is provided topically to seep directly to roots.

Stimulate & activate roots. Ensure nutrition is well absorbed.

Massage & deep wooden combing dilates blood vessels, promoting nutrient supply & absorption while strengthening cell functioning. Hence, enhanced growth & thickness.

Hydrate & moisturise adequately.

Dry & moisture devoid follicles can shrink, halting hair growth & further cause existing hair more prone to brittleness & breakage.

Avoid harsh chemicals & toxins.

Not only in the products used, but high toxin intake & increase in stress level can force shift growing phase of follicle to resting phase, sometimes even damaging them.

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