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Original Pumice Foot Rub - Single Pack

Ergonomic Design & Non-Synthetic

Made of original pumice & ergonomically designed to enable tactical pressure application that maximises effectiveness on hard zones of feet.

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Madhuri Pandey

Key Benefits

Regular usage helps with

Relief from corns, calluses, bunions & hard skin.

Deep exfoliation & detox of dead cells.

Softens feet & ankles.

Brightens feet removing dullness & dark spots.

Prevents microbial growth & feet odour caused by dead skin.

Enhances blood circulation substantially.

A Foot Care Essential!

Why Is It Essential

From an early age, our dainty feet get exposed & abused by shoes, dust, walking, standing, sports, poor posture and even weather. Before we know, dark, dull, hard skin & dead zones creep in. Sometimes these even develop into corns, calluses & bunions. It is no more an option, but has rather become essential to adopt feet care. Develop a habit of buffing away dead zones with the Pumice Foot Rub, to prevent severe, painful corns & calluses. Takes less than 2 mins everyday during shower!

Why Is It Different

  • - Made of original pumice - no synthetic microfibre.
  • - Gentle for everyday use.
  • - Does not abrade skin like synthetic, clay, mitti or terracotta foot rubs do.
  • - Ergonomically designed to enable tactical pressure application. Most foot rubs are not designed well to cut costs.
  • - Long-lasting compared to clay / mitti foot rubs.

Suitable For


Safe to use during pregnancy.


Safe for kids above 5yrs but recommended to start using regularly only after 12 yrs of age.

Who Should Use

Preventive Care For Everyone!

Everyone above the age of 12yrs should include in daily regime for preventive care.

Regular users of heels, pointed shoes or open sandals.

If exposed to excessive standing, walking, workout or sports activities.

If spending a lot of time outdoors.

How To Use

Daily Shower

Relaxed Pedicure

Apply Bath Ubtan or Soap on feet. Then gently rub the pumice on heels, feet edges, toes, top of feet and ankles to exfoliate dead cells. Spend a little more time rubbing the hard areas. Takes just 2 min everyday. Within a week, you'll notice your feet getting brighter & softer.


Avoid sharing pumice amongst family members; just like one should not share soaps, loofah or towels. It will help keep your pumice foot rub clean & germ free.

Storage & Insturctions


When unused, store in a dry place.


After using, clean thoroughly with water & hang to dry.

Pumice Care

If left in wet state for prolonged period, the foot rub can develop microbial growth.


For Hygienic & Healthy Foot Care

Always wear cushioned sole shoes/sandals. Avoid hard soles.

During sports/work-out activities, wear appropriate shoes.

Avoid tight sandals/shoes.

Wear socks with close-toe shoes.

Exfoliate with a Foot Ubtan/Foot Scrub 1-2 times a week. And use a Pumice Foot Rub daily.

Always wash feet with ubtan/soap after coming home from outdoors.

Keep feet moisturised with a good thick moisturiser or our Skin Malai.

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Original Pumice Foot Rub - Single Pack