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Quick Tips & Picks

To prevent hair fall

  • Fresh hibiscus tea for strong roots.

  • Every day 2 mins massage to stimulate follicles.

  • Green leaves & flaxseeds in your diet to nourish.

  • Regular physical exercise, yoga or meditation to relieve stress.


Shaving Care

Tips & Tricks

For easy shave care

Healthy skin, healthy beard!

Warm and moist pre-shave skin softens hair, allowing easy gliding of blades.

Try gentle massage with 2-3 drops of jojoba, almond or argan oil for smooth shaving.

Cleanliness is the key - Whether it is the skin or the blade, both must be cleaned well.

Post-shave rinsing with cold water reduces inflammation.

Do NOT forget the post-shave moisturisation to protect the newly exposed dermal layers.

Other Self-Care Needs

Why Different Skin Care?

For men


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More hair follicles

The more the follicles, the more the hair on face which further leads to frequent shaving. Shaving leads to scraping off dead cell build-up on outer dermal layer, making it more prone to irritation, redness, clogging & bacterial infections. Therefore, some extra care is required.

More collagen

Collagen is the secret to wrinkle-free skin, although, it also leads to thickness, toughness & oiliness. Hence, requiring different regimes to maintain the youth & control oiliness.

Excess sebum secretion

The higher levels of testosterone in men lead to excess sebum secretion, resulting in clogged pores, blackheads & breakouts. This also increases the visibility of shinier & oilier skin.

Thicker skin & open pores

Again, due to the higher level of testosterone, men's dermis & epidermis is thicker with more elastin & collagen. It makes the penetration of products difficult. Also, with excess sebum secretion & more hair follicles, men's pores tend to enlarge leading to frequent breakouts & clogged pores.

Different lifestyle

The larger exposure to environmental pollutants, sun exposure & toxins further increase the chances of clogged pores & premature ageing. Hence, requiring active detoxifying & regenerative cleansing.


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