Lavender Charm Ubtan
Deep Cleansing, Tightening & Instant Glow

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FRESH MADE Daily  |  AYURVEDA Certified  |  Inspired by Grandma secrets  |  100% Natural

Kitchen made Ubtan for deep cleansing, tightening & instant glow of face & body. Packed with nourishing power ingredients such as Besan, Moong, Charoli, Raw Milk, Yoghurt, Wild Turmeric, Neem, Lavender Oil & more.  11 Power Ingredients in one. For you to experience spa like facial at home!

Regular usage helps with:

  • Acne control for both oily & dry skin
  • Hydration & moisture locking round the clock
  • Blackhead & whitehead removal
  • Dullness & pigmentation relief
  • Ultimate therapeutic effects with stress relief
  • Baby soft extreme smooth & healthy skin
  • Detox from dust & pollution

Suitable for all skin types: Oily, Normal, Combination, Dry & Sensitive skin. 

Note: A very few skin types sensitive to almonds / charoli may not find it suitable.

Pack meant for 4-5 Uses
Use before 15 days from Mfg Date
Store airtight in refrigerator
Net Wt: 40gm

We ensure Your Safety First 
HEAT Treated Raw Materials  |  ZERO Touch Preparation  |  101 Point WHO Compliance  |  CONTACTLESS Delivery


'Ubtan' is a vedic term that for ages has been assigned to skin cleansers prepared out of natural ingredients. Ingredients used in an ubtan vary from person to person. While Priyanka Chopra may prefer a besan (gram flour) and turmeric ubtan, Kareena Kapoor on the other hand likes a yoghurt and honey ubtan. A vast majority of Indians prefer a ‘besan or multani ubtan’ that helps exfoliate dead cells and reveal a glowing skin.

Nat Habit’s Ubtan is also a besan/multani & moong based ubtan with healthy infusion of charoli, yoghurt, milk, wild turmeric, neem and more. The infusion of these nutritious ingredients boosts the power of this ubtan. Apart from cleansing & tightening, the ubtan provides antioxidants, vitamins & minerals to the skin and also keeps acne & infections away.

For best results, on clean face, apply Fresh Ubtan generously. Avoid eyes and mouth. Let it dry on skin. Wash with plain water after 8-10 min and find your skin feeling supple & fresh. Do not wash with soap or facewash. Moisturise face post use, if needed. For long term benefits, its advisable to use 2-3 times a week.

If you have the time, this Ubtan is a fantastic skincare regimen for your full body too. Everyday, before bath, you can use this Ubtan on all your body parts, scrub for 3-5 min and wash off. You will experience unmatched rejuvenation of skin and shall serve your body a good amount of nutrition.

Who We Are ?

Inspired by ancient solutions made in the kitchens of moms & grandmoms, we bring to you freshly made beauty products. We prepare these products everyday, in beauty kitchens, so that we can deliver them to you absolutely FRESH without chemicals & preservatives! 

All Nat Habit products are rich in grains, grams, nuts, milk, yoghurt and/or fresh herbs & flowers. We ensure that each product is packed with necessary nutrients that keep our mind & body healthy.

While each Nat Habit package is administered by certified cosmetologists & doctors, it is also made with a lot of love like any kitchen preparation. For the first time in India, you shall experience such fresh beauty products. We hope you find the love in them, enjoy them to the fullest & make these fantastic age-old formulations a part of your daily life.

Why the emphasis on Habit?

Winners are born out of habits. Habits that are mostly never directly related to what they win. Habits that are just good or healthy or calming. Habits that give happiness from within. You wonder how? 

That’s the power of a good habit. It becomes a kickstarter. One good habit creates such great energy, will power & peace within you that you are motivated to pick up other good habits. One good habit ripples into many great ones that eventually can lead to success, health, peace or happiness. Michael Phelps is a winner today because of a relaxing video he used to watch as a child. Companies have turned around failures into success by planting singular habits amongst employees. There are endless stories of what a habit is capable of.

Most kickstarter habits are simple ones such as re-using paper or exercising daily for 10min or saying No to a chemical shampoo or drinking enough water daily or ensuring oiling before every hairwash. These will make you want to pick up another good habit and then another and then you will never look back. You shall be transformed!

Customer Reviews

Based on 84 reviews
Awesome product

This product is must buy. This mask calms, soothes and cools down your face so that the hyper pigmentation, dark spots and blemishes on your skin can eventually disappear. I love this product and I have written several reviews about it to the customer care team. I always buy this product. I highly recommend it.

Wonder product

This face pack is just amazing. Use it instead of a parlor the tan treatment and just see the results with your own eyes. The cost is also much lesser than what the parlors take for similar results. This is definitely the best the tan face pack I have ever used and I have sensitive combination skin. It instantly freshens up the face. Buy it if you haven't already.


Me and my 11 year old daughter, we both are a big fan of this ubtan. We have our mother daughter time applying ubtans and sitting and chilling till it dries off.. This ubtan really works for both of us but in different ways. It helps my daughter to get rid of tans , which she get playing outdoors. And it helps me to get rid of wrinkles and dark spots. This produdct is a real magic. Kudos to the team.

Fabulously awesome

It is totally a 10-star product I must say. I am using it since I have bought it and the results are very instant. Just after the wash, you will see that your face is just brightened that way you can’t imagine you can use it once every second week or accordingly with your skin dullness and the most important thing is that it is very pocket friendly. 


Apply it once in a week and you are good to go. It removes all the tan and gives you an even and radiant complexion. I can't imagine my summer season without it.

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