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Raw Potato UnderArm Ubtan

Brightening, Softening & Odour Control

Kitchen fresh natural 4-in-1 Ubtan made with active nutrients such as raw potato pulp, fresh tamarind paste & raw milk for daily UnderArm Ubtan care.

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Active Ingredients

Fresh & whole picks

Full Ingredient List: potato pulp, tamarind paste, mulethi, yogurt, raw milk, castor oil, kaolin clay, wheat flour, sugar, salt, rice, ginger & apple cider vinegar.

4-in-1 UnderArm Care

  • Brightens skin, prevents pigmentation & removes dark, dull zones with daily use.

  • Exfoliation & detox of dead cells to reveal clear bright skin.

  • Softens skin instantly & keeps skin elasticity intact with regular use.

  • Aids in sweat control, anti-microbial action & hence odour control. Keeps you feeling fresh through the day.

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I can see a clear difference between before and after. I am so much more comfortable wearing sleeveless tops now. Thanks for a wonderfully effective product.


S. Goswami

Fresh Making in Ayurvedic Kitchen

Fresh UnderArm Ubtan

What Causes UnderArm Troubles

Abuse of

Deodorants, anti-perspirants, perfumes, bleaches & alcohol based products

Frequent waxing & shaving that leads to irritated & inflamed skin, causing dark zone development

Tight, synthetic clothes

Negligence in cleansing & exfoliation

Friction caused by clothes & poor cleansing habits often leads to darkening of UnderArm area overtime.

Why is UnderArm Ubtan different


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100% Natural

Completely chemical, preservative, alcohol & glycerin free, unlike whitening deodorants & creams in the market.

Softens & polishes skin

After application, does not dry out skin like body washes or scrubs do. Keeps skin baby soft & polished.

Does not burn

Does not burn & abrade skin like bleaches do. Gentle yet powerful, safe for long term continued usage.

Reduces pigmentation

Soothes skin abused by waxing & shaving, getting rid of pigmentation.

Prevents premature aging

Does not age skin or cause dullness like chemical products. Builds inner skin strength & ability to fight pigmentation, infection & aging.

Usage & Suitability

How to Use

Take a palmful of Fresh Ubtan and apply generously on underarms. Gently rub in circular motion to mildly cleanse, for 1-2min. Wash off with plain water. No soap required. Can be used as a pack by keeping it until it dries. For brightening, use daily during bath/shower.


Do not use on face or full body - may seem a bit coarse.
For full body, use Bath Ubtans.
For face, use Daily Ubtans, Multani Ubtans or Mura.

Suitable for


Safe to use.


Safe for kids above 5 yrs but recommended to start using regularly only after 12 yrs of age.

Other Usage Areas

Safe to use on inner thighs & intimate areas.

More Information

Healthy, Clean & Brighter UnderArm Tips

  • Avoid excessive use of deodorants, perfumes, bleaches or any other form of chemical treatments/products.
  • Choose natural deodorants or alum for sweat & odour control.
  • Cleanse & exfoliate with non-drying products, preferably Ubtans, daily.
  • Post shave/wax/epilation, immediately use a non-alcoholic astringent, rose water or any FloraJal. Quickly follow it up with any body oil or body malai to prevent inflammation & keratosis..
  • Choose cotton/silk clothes over synthetic ones. In humid conditions, avoid tight clothing.

Storage & Expiry

Pack Usage

Pack meant for 4-6 uses.


Store airtight in refrigerator.

Net Wt.

40 gm


Use within 2 months of Mfg Date.

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Raw Potato UnderArm Ubtan