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Gentle Patola Tikta Gel Face Wash

for Sensitive Skin

Introducing Regenerative Bitter Cleansing with Fresh Daily Tikta, loaded with bitter actives & moisturising bio-polymer base for non-drying, purifying & deep cleansing.

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What's Special

Bitter Cleansing

Loaded with bitter actives & natural brightening actives

Deep cleanses tissues, topical layers & sub-dermal layers

Purifies blood flow.

Farm fresh aloe vera pulp base prevents drying after wash

100% chemical-free, sulfate free & paraben-free cleansing

Bitter is Better

Deeper purification imparts healthy, long lasting, supple glow & clarity to skin

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Tikta is anti-toxic in nature & promotes firmness of the skin. It also possesses Rakta Prasadana property, i.e., blood purification, promoting clear glowing skin.



Key Benefits

Regular usage helps with

  • Deeper dermal cleansing

    Cleanses deeper layers of derma, flushing out toxins, rendering clarified skin.

  • Blood purification

    Purifies blood, removing toxins, preventing skin infections & itchiness.

  • Non-drying cleansing

    With moisturising & hydrating bio-polymers base like Farm Fresh Aloe Vera Pulp.

  • Healthy skin barrier

    Stimulates keratinocytes, quickening skin healing & strengthening protective barrier.

  • Safe, damage-free cleansing

    Gentle yet effective cleansing without damaging skin barrier, hence no longer term damage.

  • Acne & breakout prevention

    Arrests acne causing bacteria living in topical & sub dermal layers, preventing breakouts.

  • Long term supple youth

    Activates cell metabolism & fights free radicals, promoting regeneration, youthful supple skin.

Loaded with Bitter Actives

Patola Juice


Purify sub-dermal blood of toxins.


Provide a barrier of anti-oxidant power.


Aid in clear, acne-free, blemish free skin.


Protect against UV damage, eczema & pigmentation.


Regenerate new, healthy skin cells.

Other Active Ingredients

Fresh & whole picks

Full Ingredient List: patola juice, cucumber juice, aloe vera pulp & juice, dried patola, raw honey, starch derived sugar, vitamin C, geranium, clary sage, xanthan gum, geogard (ecocert), capryl glucoside (derived from corn), coco glucoside (derived from coconut), decyl glucoside (derived from olive), aqua, lavender, rosemary, jatamansi.

Bitter is Better

Tikta (Bitter Cleanse)

Regular FaceWash


Deep bitter cleanse both topically & subdermally

Simple cleansing like a detergent wash

Blood Purification

Actively purifies blood with bitter actives

No bitter actives, hence no purification

Derma Protection

Bitter actives enhances & regenerates tissues

No skin protection or enhancement activity

Post Cleanse Result

Non-drying cleansing with moisturising base

Harsh cleansing, stripping off natural oils

Long Term Effect

No harmful effects. Imparts lasting glow & clear skin

Can immediately or in long run cause dryness & eczema

Natural vs Chemical

Fresh & naturally derived. Clean & harm free

Loaded with harsh & toxic chemicals


Made with fresh fruits, leaves, plant & herbs

Loaded with surfactants such as sulphates, extracts, parabens & fragrances

Paraben & Sulfate

100% paraben & sulfate free

Sulphates still used as the main foaming & cleansing agent


Not just a hygiene practice


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Foundational skin care step

It is the foundational step of skincare which in long term effects skin’s overall texture & aging.

Prevents breakout

Prevents breakouts & improves penetration by removing build-up & toxins trapped in pores & clearing blockages.

Enhances moisture & skin barrier

Protects skin barrier, easing hydration & moisture retention. Avoid harsh cleansers as they can harm & weaken the barrier.

Protects youth

Prevent premature ageing by increasing cell turnover, fighting free radicals & stimulating the healing process.

Quick & better night restore

At night skin regenerates, therefore cleansing makes the process easier, quicker & better.

Reveals fresh supple skin

In morning the toxins released during the overnight restoration needs to be cleansed & removed, allowing fresh supple skin underneath.

Choose your Cleanser

Quick & Regular Cleansing

Long-term Glow

Gentle Exfoliation

For quick & regular cleansing use Fresh Tikta Daily twice - Loaded with bitter actives, deep purifies & cleanses pores, removing pollutants, sebum, sweat etc. trapped in pores.

Cream vs Gel: Which one to Pick

Gel Face Wash

Cream Face Wash




Post Wash Effect

Squeaky toned sensation

Aloe Vera present in it provides more astringent pull.

Smooth supple texture

Milk present in it leaves more soft & creamy feel

Face Wash Base

Farm fresh aloe vera pulp & juices

Fresh raw milk & cream

More Information


Use twice a day to keep skin purified, clean, oil free & dirt free.

Suitable for, Storage & Expiry

Patch Test

Recommended on neck/face prior to first use.

Skin Types

For sensitive skin.


Safe during pregnancy & lactation.


Safe for kids above 5yrs but recommended to start using regularly only after 12yrs of age.


Store away from direct heat & sunlight.

Net Weight

100 g


Use within 6 months of Mfg Date

What Causes Sensitive Skin

Weak, damaged & fragile protective barrier of skin

Triggers of Sensitivity

Fragrance based products

Long exposure to heat, UV rays

Harsh chemicals & preservatives

Colouring agents, surfactants, parabens & fragrances

Broken protective barrier makes it easy for irritants & microorganisms to enter derma, thus, making it delicate, sensitive & more prone to react to a stimuli & ingredients which other skin type may not be affected.

Skin Care Tips

For sensitive skin


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Ensure mandatory patch test before using any product

Sensitive skin type may even be reactive or allergic to most common natural ingredients whereas others might not be. Therefore, a patch test is a must.

Keep your skin clean to avoid development of any irritation

Choose mild cleansers with nourishing & soothing ingredients. Make sure you take your makeup off before going to bed to prevent bacterial infections.

Strengthen your protective barrier & prevent toxin buildup

Indulge in skin protective & damage repairing skincare with anti-oxidants & clarifying ingredients that will help in strengthening protective function & preventing toxin buildup.

Keep your skin cool, hydrated & moisturised

Dry skin is more prone to damage the barrier & increase sensitivty. Hence, it is essential to ensure adequate hydration & moisturisation to calm down irritants & ease barrier function.

Flush out toxins from inside as well

Include gut friendly & toxin flushing fruits & vegetable in your diet to remove toxin buildup that might make skin sensitive to some stimuli.

Avoid hot showers & heavy fragrance based products.

Avoid the use of hot water on face as it is not only a trigger of sensitivity but also strips off natural oils making skin more prone to damage. Also, heavy fragrance on skin can irritate & cause redness. Therefore, must be avoided.

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Gentle Patola Tikta Gel Face Wash