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FRESH MADE Daily 100% Natural  |  Farm Fresh Aloe Pulp & Juice

Pure Aloe Vera Gel is a 100% natural gel for healthy skin & hair. It is glycerin & carbomer free. Made with 93% farm-fresh aloe pulp & juicethis fresh gel is a boon for all kinds of skin & hair. 

Treat yourself to 100% natural, absolutely chemical free & extremely power-punched skincare!

Aloe Vera - The Super Leaf
Aloin, Aloesin, Vit-E & Vit-C together make Aloe Vera a powerhouse.

  • Clears melanin rapidly & prevents further generation - superb action on pigmentation
  • Lightens tan, dark spots & aging dark zones very quickly
  • Excellent humectant making it a super duper moisturiser
  • Ultimate age protection with collagen & elastin stimulation
  • Superior astringent & oil-balance properties keep acne away & pores tight
  • Anti-bacterial properties clear & prevent acne & dandruff
  • Unbeatable cooling, soothing, sun burn healing & UV protection properties
  • Excellent scalp moisturiser & hair conditioner

When to Use Hydrating Gels?
Skin needs a combination of hydration & oiling which may not always work out with creams. Aloe based gels provide excellent hydration. When combined with oils, they become super moisturisers.

1. For Non-Oily Deep Moisturisation:
No other creams required.

2. For Regular Facial Oil Users / For Winter Care:
Apply prior to facial oil use. No other moisturiser required.

3. For Super Hydration Needs:
Especially needed for Extremely Oily or Extremely Dry skin.

4. As Pore Refining Toners:
With strong astringent & pH balancing properties, aloe based gels can replace any toner.

5. As Summer Coolants:
Regular moisturisers cannot help in cooling.

      Can You Recognize Pure Aloe Gel?
      Color: Pure aloe vera has a slight yellowish tinge. It is not transparent or green.

      No Extracts: Purest aloe gel is made of fresh harvested aloe vera pulp & juice. Other gels use powders or extracts.

      Consistency: Pure natural gel is not very thick. It turns watery when rubbed on skin. Chemical gels are thick and made of glycerin & carbomers.

      Fragrance: Natural gels will have the smell of oils or natural ingredients. No synthetic fragrance.

      Read the Label: Natural gels will have ingredients like aloe, guar, flax, xanthan, oils & essential oils. Chemical gels will have PEG, carbomer, paraben, mineral oil, DEA, perfume, alcohol PABA, phthalates.

      How to Use
      As Gel Pack:
      Apply a thick layer. Wash off with plain water or wipe off after 30min of absorption. No soap, no facewash required.

      As Moisturiser:
      After cleansing, apply on face & neck. Massage repeating 4 strokes - center to side of forehead, under eyes from nose to side of eyes, upward strokes on cheeks and upward strokes on neck. Use daily as often as needed. 

      Note: Massage well till the gel is fully absorbed into the skin, else the aloe will give an unnecessary tightening on skin. 

      Use facial oil on top for better nourishment or if there is peely feel

      For Hair:
      Mix with castor oil and apply on scalp. Massage well & keep for 30min. Shampoo off to get dandruff-free, healthy scalp & conditioned hair. Also prevents hair loss.

      Other Uses:
      - Excellent for softening & lightening rough skin on elbows & knees.
      - Heals cracked feet & chapped lips
      - Post-wax skin protection against inflammation & keratosis
      - Post-shave care for men against inflammation & hardening 

      Sun Protection: Pure aloe vera provides good UV protection. But you can add on with another sunscreen if needed.
      The aloe gel moisturises very well by itself. But if you enjoy oiling or if its winter, you can apply Mukhalaya after the gel application.
      Patch test
      on cheeks or neck for 10min prior to first use.

      Skin Type: Suitable for all skin types.
      Pregnancy: Safe to use during pregnancy
      Babies & Kids: 
      Recommended to use above 12 years of age. But can be safely used on kids above the age of 5yrs after patch test.

      Caution: Some skin types may be allergic to raw aloe vera in the first few uses. Stop using if problem persists even after 3-4uses.

      How to Choose
      Fresh Gel Packs
      • Suited for regular moisturisation.
      • Shows quicker results with brightening and regeneration when used as a gel pack.
      Active Gel Moisturiser
      • Higher active bio-ingredients
      • Suited for deeper hydration, faster brightening & regeneration.

        Experience Spa Like Facials 4 simple steps: (1) Cleanse & scrub with an Ubtan or Mura, (2) Pack & relax with a thick layer of Ksheer Lepa for cell regeneration & skin tightening (3) Wash off Lepa, Spray Flora Jal all over for toning (4) Massage with the Face Malai, Aloe Gel or the Mukhalaya. You can also combine the Mukhalaya with Face Malai or Aloe Gel together for the last step.

        farm-fresh aloe pulp & juice (93%), olive oil, lemongrass oil, lavender oil, vit-E, vit-C, xanthan gum, rosemary, orange peel derivative, basil oil, sugar beet derivative, geogard (ECOCERT).


        Use within 3 months of Mfg Date
        Store airtight in a cool, dry place
        Net Wt: 80gm

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        Authentic Ayurvedic medicine, certified by AYUSH (Govt. of India)
        Dermatologically Tested

        Delhi NCR & Bangalore 1-3 days; Others 4-5 days
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        Who Are We ?

        Inspired by ancient solutions of Ayurveda and recipes made in the kitchens of moms & grandmoms, we bring to you freshly made beauty, hygiene & wellness products. We prepare these products everyday, in our ayurvedic kitchen, so that we can deliver them to you absolutely FRESH without chemicals & preservatives, meaning Ekdum Taaza!

        All Nat Habit products are rich in grains, grams, nuts, milk, yoghurt and/or fresh herbs & flowers. We ensure that each product is packed with necessary nutrients that keep our mind & body healthy.

        Nat products rely on authentic Ayurvedic processes like slow heat infusions, herb decoctions & deep soaking. While each Nat Habit package is administered by certified cosmetologists & doctors, it is also made with a lot of love like any kitchen preparation. For the first time in India, you shall experience such fresh beauty & wellness products. We hope you find the love in them, enjoy them to the fullest & make these fantastic age-old formulations a part of your daily life.

        Why the emphasis on Habit?

        Winners are born out of habits. Habits that are mostly never directly related to what they win. Habits that are just good or healthy or calming. Habits that give happiness from within. You wonder how? 

        That’s the power of a good habit. It becomes a kickstarter. One good habit creates such great energy, will power & peace within you that you are motivated to pick up other good habits. One good habit ripples into many great ones that eventually can lead to success, health, peace or happiness. Michael Phelps is a winner today because of a relaxing video he used to watch as a child. Companies have turned around failures into success by planting singular habits amongst employees. There are endless stories of what a habit is capable of.

        Most kickstarter habits are simple ones such as re-using paper or exercising daily for 10min or saying No to a chemical shampoo or drinking enough water daily or ensuring oiling before every hairwash. These will make you want to pick up another good habit and then another and then you will never look back. You shall be transformed!


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