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Fresh Beetroot Tomato Vit-A Gel

Dry Skin Care & Supple Youth Defence

100% natural gel made with farm-fresh aloe pulp & juice, beetroot juice & tomato pulp for dry skin care & youth defence. A deep nourishing & moisturising blessing for dry skin!

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Madhuri Pandey


The Super Leaf

Aloin, Aloesin, Vit-E & C together makes aloe vera a powerhouse

  • Superb action on pigmentation

    Clears melanin rapidly & prevents further generation. Lightens tan, dark spots & aging dark zones very quickly.

  • Excellent humectant

    Making it a super duper moisturiser.

  • Ultimate age protection

    Stimulates collagen & elastin while keeping wrinkles, fine-lines & aging spots away.

  • Superior astringent with anti-bacterial properties

    Well balances oil secretion & tightens pores. Clears & prevents acne.

  • Best hydration for hot weather

    Unbeatable cooling, soothing, sun burn healing & UV protection properties.

Active Ingredients

Fresh & whole picks

Full Ingredients List: farm-fresh aloe pulp & juice, olive oil, beetroot juice, tomato juice, bakuchi oil, pineapple oil, vit-E, vit-C, xanthan gum, rosemary, orange peel derivative, basil oil, sugar beet derivative, geogard (ecocert).

When to Use

Hydrating Gels vs Creams

Skin Care Powerhouse!

For Super Hydration Needs: Especially needed for extremely oily or extremely dry skin

As Pore Refining Toners: With strong astringent & pH balancing properties, aloe based gels can replace any toner

As Summer Coolants: Regular moisturisers cannot help in cooling

Skin needs a combination of hydration & oiling which may not always work out with creams. Aloe based gels provide excellent hydration. When combined with oils, they become super moisturisers.

Recognize Pure Gel

Pure Aloe Vera Gel

Other Gels


NO extracts, made of fresh harvested aloe vera pulp & juice

Use powders or extracts


Pure natural gel is not very thick, turns watery when rubbed on skin

Thick and made of glycerin & carbomers


Smell of oils or natural ingredients

Synthetic & artificial fragrance


Natural ingredients

Like aloe, guar, flax, xanthan, oils & essential oils


Like PEG, carbomer, paraben, mineral oil, DEA, perfume, alcohol PABA, phthalates

Usage & Suitability

As Gel Pack

As Moisturiser

Spa Like Facials

Apply a thick layer. Wash off with plain water after 30min of absorption. No soap, no facewash required.


Some skin types may be allergic to raw aloe vera in the first few uses. Stop using if problem persists even after 3-4 uses.

Suitable for

Sun Protection

Provides good UV protection also, can be added with another sunscreen.


Moisturises very well by itself. But if you enjoy oiling or if its winter, you can apply Mukhalaya after the gel application.

Patch Test

Recommended on cheeks or neck for 10 mins prior to first use.

Skin Types

For dry skin.


Safe to use.

Babies & Kids

Recommended to use above 12 years of age. But can be safely used on kids above the age of 5 yrs after patch test.

How to Choose

Fresh Gel Packs

Active Gel Moisturisers


Lesser active bio-ingredients

Higher active bio-ingredients

Suited for

Regular moisturisation

Deeper hydration, faster brightening & regeneration

Effective results

Shows quicker results with brightening & regeneration when used as a gel pack

Shows quicker results with brightening & regeneration when used regularly as a moisturiser.

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After applying this gel I don't need any moisturiser. My skin feels so hydrating which would otherwise be so dry even after applying any cream.


Maryam None

More Information

Storage & Expiry


Store airtight in a cool, dry place.

Net Weight

80 g


Use within 3 months of Mfg. Date.

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Fresh Beetroot Tomato Vit-A Gel