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Marigold & Gulaab Gulaal Raas

Pack of 2

100% natural, handmade, vibrant GULAAL made of marigold, amaranth, beetroot & rose. Absolutely no chemicals or toxins. Completely safe even for kids. Let the Holi Raas begin! 🌈

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50g x Pack of 2





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NaturoHabit Private Limited GP-26, Sector 18, Gurugram, Haryana - 122015




Madhuri Pandey madhuri@nathabit.in


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Enjoy the spirit of colors.

Happy Holi!

How to Play

Use as dry gulaal powder on face, body & hair.

Or mix in water to create a blast of water colors. 💕

Stop playing with the gulaal if you experience any allergy.


Marigold Flowers, Amaranath Flowers, Rose Petals, Beetroot, Corn Starch


What's in the Gulaal

Fresh & whole picks

More Information


Safety & Storage


Safe to use.


Safe to use.


Use within 60 days of Mfg Date


Store airtight in cool, dry place

Net Wt

50g x 2 = 100g

HandMade in our Ayurvedic Kitchen

With fresh flowers & leaves

Gulaal Raas vs Traditional Gulaal

Gulaal Raas

Traditional Gulaal

Skin Safety & Staining

Naturally pigmenting leaves & flowers

Easy to wash off, beneficial to derma with neem, rose & turmeric.

Harmful pigmenting dyes

Leave hard to take off stains & irritate derma


Corn starch is used for safe & smooth texture.

Harmful silica, asbestos & lead is used.

Other Ingredients

No harsh or harmful ingredients used

Only fresh flowers & leaves

Harsh, toxic ingredients are used

Like powdered glass, lead oxide etc.

Significance of Gulaal

Dive in the colours of culture & tradition

  • A story of eternal love celebrate for centuries

    One of the many tales associated is of Love between Radha & Krishna, hence, celebrated grandly in Mathura & Banaras.

  • A colourful seasonal change over

    As our bodies transition from a cold winter lazy state to a more active, warmer state, the festival invites playfulness, warding off lethargy.

  • A mood cheering environment

    The vibrant natural colours & aroma of fresh floral gulaal brings rejoice in the mood & psychological well-being.

  • An emotion balancing sphere

    The vibrant colours also signify our emotions, therefore the playful gulaal often affects & balances our emotions.

  • A celebration of prosperity

    During this time, fields are often in full bloom, signifying good harvest for the farmers.

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Marigold & Gulaab Gulaal Raas