Pure Moringa Coconut Maahu
Stretch Mark Protection
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FRESH Herb Infused  AYURVEDA Certified  |  100% Natural

Pure Body Maahu, slow heat infused & fresh blended with 18 oils, herbs & spices. 'Maahu' signifies the ultimate state of wellness when our inner & outer consciousness merge. For generations, this state of wellness has been attained through slow & firm body massages with herbed oils. Massaging with Maahu helps keep skin firm & young, prevents stretch marks, releases stress, anxiety and fatigue of both mind & body, bringing a state of blissful relaxation. 

Herbs & Spices
moringa, coconut, almond, flaxseed, sandalwood, tea-tree oil, Vitamin E, sunflower, sesame, lemon, ashwagandha, mulethi, manjistha, jasmine, tulsi, vetiver, dhataki, giloy

Key Benefits

  • Prevents dermal thinning & formation of stretch marks
  • Firms & tightens skin & muscles underneath
  • Builds collagen, maintains skin youth & elasticity
  • Excellent for prevention of pregnancy driven stretch marks
  • Prevents stretch marks during teenage growth and drastic weight change programs
  • Excellent for full body massage including tummy, arms back, thighs, buttocks, tummy & breasts
  • Evens out skin tone of existing stretch marks
  • Relieves stress & muscular tension

Apply maahu on areas prone to stretch marks caused by pregnancy, workout, teenage growth or sudden weight changes. Massage slowly but firmly. Full body massage is preferable. Use for daily 15-45 min to prevent formation of stretch marks. For best results, warm the maahu prior to use.

Note: A few skin types may feel a little tingling or burning sensation; it’s just your skin getting used to the herbs & spices that heal the body & skin. After a few uses, you'll not experience the sensation.

Use within 3 months of Mfg Date

Store airtight away from direct sunlight
Net: 100ml

We ensure Your Safety First
HEAT Treated Raw Materials  |  ZERO Touch Preparation  |  101 Point WHO Compliance  |  CONTACTLESS Delivery

Delhi NCR 1-3 days; Others 4-5 days
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Who We Are ?

Inspired by ancient solutions made in the kitchens of moms & grandmoms, we bring to you freshly made beauty products. We prepare these products everyday, in beauty kitchens, so that we can deliver them to you absolutely FRESH without chemicals & preservatives! 

All Nat Habit products are rich in grains, grams, nuts, milk, yoghurt and/or fresh herbs & flowers. We ensure that each product is packed with necessary nutrients that keep our mind & body healthy.

While each Nat Habit package is administered by certified cosmetologists & doctors, it is also made with a lot of love like any kitchen preparation. For the first time in India, you shall experience such fresh beauty products. We hope you find the love in them, enjoy them to the fullest & make these fantastic age-old formulations a part of your daily life.

Why the emphasis on Habit?

Winners are born out of habits. Habits that are mostly never directly related to what they win. Habits that are just good or healthy or calming. Habits that give happiness from within. You wonder how? 

That’s the power of a good habit. It becomes a kickstarter. One good habit creates such great energy, will power & peace within you that you are motivated to pick up other good habits. One good habit ripples into many great ones that eventually can lead to success, health, peace or happiness. Michael Phelps is a winner today because of a relaxing video he used to watch as a child. Companies have turned around failures into success by planting singular habits amongst employees. There are endless stories of what a habit is capable of.

Most kickstarter habits are simple ones such as re-using paper or exercising daily for 10min or saying No to a chemical shampoo or drinking enough water daily or ensuring oiling before every hairwash. These will make you want to pick up another good habit and then another and then you will never look back. You shall be transformed!

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Absolute magic!

I've been using this for almost 1 month now. Been daily consistent with the usage , although I do forget to apply it every once in a while. The appearance of the stretch marks has actually improved and I'm really happy. Very little is required. Will buy my second bottle after this one gets over. Remember though, that you have to be very patient.

Great smell and absorbent.

I was looking for anti-strectch mark products which were chemical free and happened to find this. Have been using this daily now since the beginning of the second trimester. It has a wonderful smell and gets absorbed well. Don't know how many stretch marks I will finally get, but don't have any yet.

Calming and energetic at the same time

Dont really kow about stretch marks but this oil really helps me sleep better. Massage with this oil makes my body calm and energetic at the same time. Really good range of body massage oils by nathabit!

Amazing product for Stretch Marks

if you're the kind who doesn't compromise on the products you are choosing on your skin, choose this. perfect for sensitive skin as this has all natural ingredients. it smoothly glides on your skin without any problems. check the ingredients - you'll lose them. all of them help reduce stretch marks naturally :) like it did mine.

Efficiently working.

This stretch mark oil is surprisingly a very good product. It has helped me reduce the stretch marks on my arms and thigh cellulite. I can see that they are fading and my skin feels soft too. The oil is lightweight & has a good soothing smell too. Loved it!

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