Curry Sesame Winter Hair Oil
Grey-Hair Control

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FRESH MADE Daily  |  AYURVEDA Certified Inspired by Grandma secrets  |  100% Natural

Kitchen fresh Hair Oil for premature greying prevention. Specially made with warming ingredients for Winter & Cold conditions. This Dasabuti oil is enriched for over 10HRS via Slow Heat Infusion of fresh curry leaves, black sesame, amla, shikakai, bhringraj, ratanjot, triphala, jaborandi, vetiver, kalonji & more in multiple oils such as castor, sesame & mustard. 15 Ayurvedic herbs infused for maximised results. All oils are PURE Cold Pressed. ZERO Paraffin & Mineral Oils. ZERO chemicals & preservatives.


Regular usage helps with

  • Prevention of premature greying
  • Slowing down of hair greying
  • Cold, sinus & headache relief with scalp massage
  • Ashwagandha & Tulsi physical and mental stress release

Suitable for all hair & scalp types: Oily, Dry, Normal, Curly, Colored, Chemically treated, Henna treated hair.

Use within 3months of Mfg Date

Keep away from direct sunlight
Keep soaked herbs in bottle till end of use
Net: 100ml 

We ensure Your Safety First
HEAT Treated Raw Materials  |  ZERO Touch Preparation  |  101 Point WHO Compliance  |  CONTACTLESS Delivery

Delhi NCR 1-3 days; Others 4-5 days
Total Order value above Rs.300 : FREE Delivery
Total Order value below Rs. 300 : Shipping fee of Rs. 50

Who We Are ?

Inspired by ancient solutions made in the kitchens of moms & grandmoms, we bring to you freshly made beauty products. We prepare these products everyday, in beauty kitchens, so that we can deliver them to you absolutely FRESH without chemicals & preservatives! 

All Nat Habit products are rich in grains, grams, nuts, milk, yoghurt and/or fresh herbs & flowers. We ensure that each product is packed with necessary nutrients that keep our mind & body healthy.

While each Nat Habit package is administered by certified cosmetologists & doctors, it is also made with a lot of love like any kitchen preparation. For the first time in India, you shall experience such fresh beauty products. We hope you find the love in them, enjoy them to the fullest & make these fantastic age-old formulations a part of your daily life.

Why the emphasis on Habit?

Winners are born out of habits. Habits that are mostly never directly related to what they win. Habits that are just good or healthy or calming. Habits that give happiness from within. You wonder how? 

That’s the power of a good habit. It becomes a kickstarter. One good habit creates such great energy, will power & peace within you that you are motivated to pick up other good habits. One good habit ripples into many great ones that eventually can lead to success, health, peace or happiness. Michael Phelps is a winner today because of a relaxing video he used to watch as a child. Companies have turned around failures into success by planting singular habits amongst employees. There are endless stories of what a habit is capable of.

Most kickstarter habits are simple ones such as re-using paper or exercising daily for 10min or saying No to a chemical shampoo or drinking enough water daily or ensuring oiling before every hairwash. These will make you want to pick up another good habit and then another and then you will never look back. You shall be transformed!

Customer Reviews

Based on 65 reviews
Anmol Sarkaar
Super fast results

I am using this product for over a month now, and the results are amazing. Unlike other women of my age, my hair Greying rate is reduced. It also nourishes the hair and my hair is soft. Overall, this is a very good product to delay your hair Greying if your hair has already started to Grey out..

Nupur Jain
Ayurveda Magic

I can see the difference in my hair in the ver first month of usage. I can feel and see, grey hair growth has reduced and I have used it every alternate days I have already started recommdening it to my family and friends really good product. Use it regularly and on scalp for best results.

Giana Kapoor
grey hair no more

Me and my husband are using it from past one month and it worked very well on our hair. No new greys seen and also the hair quality has improved with control on hair fall also. Thanks Team!

Poonam Chawla

It is non-sticky, has soothing herbal fragrance compared to other tradition hair oils, my husband noticed the speed of greying hair has reduced since last 1 month. They soak the herbs for 10 hours or more nad use only cold pressed how, nobody really does that! Extremely beneficial for hair..

Ishanvi Garg
super natural

Kudos to the makers of this wonderful hair oil! It not only control permature greying but also makes your hair look healthy. shine and frizz-free. It is an all in one bottle for all types of hair problem. I use it for premature greying and hairfall, my husband uses it for hairfall and my mom for hair growth. All of us are 100% satisfied with the product! Simple love it!

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